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Um Höfund

Krístín Thórunn Helgadóttir is a folk artist that lives in Thingeyri village in the Westjords of Iceland that has been making statues and sculptures out of the driftwood that is so common on the beach of the Westjords.  She has for example sculpted 22 three meters tall vikingstatues that have been placed in different viking historical locations around Westfjords.For a couple of years ago she started to work with the seaweed, also to be found on the beaches where she spends so much time. She has developed some very original necklaces and ear rings made out of the seaweed that she calls  “Fjöruperlur” or Beach pearls. Every single piece is unique and hand picked. Helgadottir has developed her own method of cleaning, drying and polishing to bring the best out of the natural beauty of the Westfjord seaweed pearls.Helgadóttir recieved much deserved attention for hear beach pearls at the Reykjavik Arts and Craft fair that was held in Reykjavik City Hall in Autumn 2010. Since then her jewellry has been sold in many craft stores and fairs around Iceland.